If you are sad, and you don’t want to be sad any more. What should you do?

There are three ways to cheer up. I found it on the internet, and I think it works 🙂

So, what are they?

Make faces.                     n5097d4528d7f3

There’s something called the “facial feedback hypothesis” which says that whatever face you make will affect how you feel. Usually, it works the other way around. If you’re grouchy, you scowl; if you’re happy, you smile. However, new evidence is suggesting that this works both ways. If you want to feel happy and cheerful, force yourself to smile. Hold that expression for 10 seconds. Repeat as needed. It’s almost like engaging the “smile muscles” activates the “happy section” of your brain associated with smiling.

Sing and dance.           wallis_dance_musicnotes     

Although it hasn’t been proven, there might be a “body feedback hypothesis” that will help you feel a little more confident. Hide out in your room, put on a happy song, and dance and sing along like you mean it. If you don’t know the words to a song, look up the lyrics and read them as you sing or make up your own lyrics as you go along. For your dancing, do a silly novelty dance like the robot, chicken dance, moonwalk or the macarena.

  • The key with this step is to let loose. The wackier, the better. Even if you feel awful, just pretend you’re an obnoxiously happy person and you’ll improve your mood by several notches.
  • If you dare, record yourself doing this with a video camera and watch it so you can laugh at your crazy silliness.

Watch something funny.

Put on a funny movie or a stand-up comedy special. Seeing and listening to jokes often makes a person feel better.


Source: http://www.wikihow.com/Cheer-Up


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